Regulas is an Agri-world located in the Hazeroth region of the Calixis sector. It exports a number of different foodstuffs to the region accounting for approximately one fifth of the food for the Hazeroth sector of space. In most cases Regulas would be a no-name agri-world providing food for the nearby planets if not for its other export blood mules. The planet is primarily grass lands with 3 massive sea-lakes. Each lake, located in the north, south- west, and south- east, all connect to each other though two natural miles wide rivers and one artificial series of canals.

Most of Regula’s exports are simple foods like ground based fruits and vegetables. Its only export of note is the massive mule-like creatures. They aren’t strong enough to carry loads, they eat massive amounts of food and have only one redeeming feature that stopped them from being wiped out completely like some pest species. The Blood mules body produces massive quantities of blood, and more accurately O negative blood type. Not only does the blood work as a universal donor to much of the population of mankind it’s also surprisingly comparable to human blood, enough so that when the Imperium found out they prevented the killing of those animals and gave it a protected status on the planet. It should be noted that the Blood angels and subsequent founding chapters often have high orders for the blood produced by the beasts as it allows them to maintain their Death company marines outside of battle least they kill all around them. With the blood being used to slate their thirst for battle and blood.

At about 4 meters tall and possessing a massive bulk the Blood mules are imposing creatures to any one. But in most cases they’re docile natures and slow movements stop them from ever threatening people short of those who lack the capacity to simply walk out of their way when they start ambling forwards. Covered in a mane of long hair that encompasses their bodies they can eat almost anything, including the crops of Regulas, and spend most of their life eating, mating, and sleeping. With no means of self defense the only reason the Blood mules survived is due to their mating cycle that lasts about a year and often produces many offspring which quickly grow to full size within half of their first year.

The three great lakes of Regulas all contain a central island that houses a massive industrial complex city thats devoted to maintaining the three archeotech devises used to maintain the waterways of the planet. Each island there exists a massive gravity generator that pushes the water of the planet though the rivers and canals allowing the areas of the world far from the rivers themselves to receive water via the aqueducts. Without the generators pushing the water though the rivers many of the more distant regions of the planet would be dried up grassland prone to fires.


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