Kern Wahrheit


Kernwahrheit (kernel/core Truth)


Ship Class: Frigate

Tempest Class Strike Frigate

Speed: 8
Maneuverability: 18-5+5= (+18)
Detection: +12
Armor: 19+1=20 Space: 42
Hull Integrity: 36
Turret Rating: 1
Weapon Capacity: Dorsal 2
Ship Points: 40
Power: 45/45
Space: 42/42

Machine Spirit Oddities: Blasphemous Tendencies
* All Navigation tests made to pilot this vessel though the warp gain a +15 bonus. However, while aboard the ship, all crew suffer a -5 to willpower based tests.

Past History: Xenophilous
* When Constructing this vessel, players may select 1 Xenotech component (Ghost Field) of their choice. However, any Tech-Use Tests to repair the ship suffer a -30, due to the strange and blasphemous nature of the machinery. Should the character attempting to repair the ship have Forbidden Lore (Xenos), the Penalty is only -10. Also the forces of the Ordo Xenos have an interest in the vessel and who controls it.

Core Components

Plasma Drives: Jovian Pattern Class 2 Drive

Warp Engine: Stelov 2 Warp Engine (-12 Power)

Geller Field: (-1 Power)

Void Shields: Single Void Sheild Array [1 Void Shields] (-5 Power)

Ship’s Bridge: Combat Bridge (-1 Power)
* Damage Control Station: All Tech-Use tests to repair the ship gain +10 while undamaged.

Life Sustainers: Vitae Pattern Life Sustainer (-4 Power)

Crew Quarters: Voidsmen Quarters (-2 Power)

Auger Array: Mark-201.b Auger Array (-5 Power)
* External: No hull space required. * Sensitive: +5 bonus Detection


Dorsal Weapons: X2 Thunderstrike Macrocannons (-4 Power)
* Strength: 3 Damage: 1d10+1 Crit Rating: 6 Range: 6

Supplemental Components

Librarium Vault
  • (-1 Power) Investigations Skill Tests are at a +10 while aboard the Ship.
Observation room
  • Increase Moral permanently by 1. +50 Objective points.

Tenebro-Maze (-1 Power)
* Hidden Sally-Ports: This ship gains +10 to all Command Tests when defending against boarding actions and Hit and Run Actions.

  • Incomprehensible Layout: When a component on this ship is selected to be affected from a critical hit, it is chosen by the ship’s controller, not the attacker.
Armor Plating
  • +1 to this Ships Armor
  • Dead Weight: -2 To this ships Maneuverability
Augmented Retro-Thrusters: (-3 Power)
  • Agile: +5 To Maneuverability
  • External: Can only be destoyed or damaged by a critical hit.
Cargo Hold & Lighter Bay: (-1 Power)
  • Hidden Spaces: +50 Objective
  • Unabalnced: -3 Maneyverability

Xenophilous Component:

  • Ghost Field: (-8 Power)
    • Ghostly Echoes: All ships firing at a ship with a functioning Ghost Field suffer -20 to their Ballistic Skill Tests. If the ship is firing a lance Weapon, it suffers a -30.
    • Energetic Interference: A ship with a Ghost Field must Choose whether it is using it’s Void Shields or Ghost Field at the beginning of combat.

Kern Wahrheit’s History

When Constantine Zanthis required a ship to help him hunt down those that would harm the Imperium he went to the three Great Forge worlds known as ‘The Lathes’ located in the Golgenna Reach sector of space. In all the Calix sector ‘The Lathes’ are the best location to have anything built from scratch. They’re production facilities being able to handle any amount of volume for the sector and they’re Techpreists being some of the most efficient in the sector. It was there that he had built and dubbed his Tempest Class Strike Frigate the ‘Kern Wahrheit’. To this day ‘The Lathes’ is still Constantine’s prefered place to repair his ship as he has come to an understanding with some of the shipyards of the Forge worlds.

The Lathes are a group of three great Forge worlds clustered within the same sector of space and more impressively within the same sublight distance of each other. Each one has the full production capabilites of a Forge world but its when they combine their efforts that they can produce almost any amount of any thing that the Imperium might need. Granted this is under the assumption that they recive the supplies they need and while they get much from the traders and Imperial convoys that frequent the area if a person needed something specific they either pay a premeium for the supplies to repair or build it or they provide there own.

The Kern Wahrheit was a Tempest class frigate built for speed and staying power rather then offensive might. With only standard pair of thunder strike cannon batteries it uses it’s maneuverability, Speed, and a rare Xenos component to evade and win against foes much stronger then itself. The few things that set it apart from other ships of it’s type are the Cargo holds and Lighter bay that provides Constantine and his Acolytes much needed speed and maneuverability that help them deal and adapt to changing conditions with their investigations. The other is the Tenenbro-Maze that Constantine designed into the ship as its only building requirement. Those that first step foot on the ship will often find themselves completely lost within the first day of their ship service. It’s only after a prolonged stay of time that people begin to see the method to the maze and thusly can find their way though.

The other distinguishing feature is a Eldar Ghost Field Generator that is located on the ship. How Constantine got such a device is a mystery to even the most seasoned crew on his ship. This has caused a few problems in the past for him, however, as new recruits and acolytes must be prepared for the idea of Heretical Xenos devices being used on the ship. Many times when a crew man openly protested against such devices it’s usually the last time anyone sees or hears from them ever again. This has led to a crew thats a mix of those that fear ever becoming one of the missing ones and those that have seen the device save their lives countless times and thusly are understanding of Constantine’s use of such devices.

Kern Wahrheit

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