Constantine Xanthis


The past of Constantine Xanthis is one of general mystery and little is known even to those that claim they know him. All that people do know about his past can be summed up in three facts. He was born in the void on a far reaching moon in its nearby orbital space station. From there he was recruited by the space marines of the Flesh Tearers space marine chapter. From his work in the space marine chapter he was then scouted for the Inquisition due to his black slate ability.

Due to his time with the Flesh Tearer’s Constantine has a preference for close combat over other forms of fighting, his ranged weapons being carried only to deal damage on the way into said combat. His skill in Melee is generally regarded to some as the best in the Calix sector but it’s his skill with the long sword that truly shows how dangerous he is. Combined with his blank ability makes him a fearsome opponent to anyone, even demonic.

The Blank ability is one regarded as a rarity amongst humans. It is the inborn ability to cancel out psychic powers and presence’s within the area of the person possessing the blank ability. This has been Constantine’s Trump card on many occasions and he’s always made sure that he kills anyone, he doesn’t trust with the secrete at least, if they find out about his power. The secretive nature of Constantine regarding his ability is why he recruits more acolytes then the standard inquisitor. If he were to handle every job himself then his secrete would be too well known for it to be effective at all.

His personality is one of independence rather then conformity to the Inquisitions rules and regulations. He goes where he will and does what missions he wants. Often times he won’t report back to the head quarters of the Inquisition for months, if not years, on end. When he does he simply files out the reports necessary to update the administration on his activities and then leaves again. Often times he’ll do this as quickly and discreetly as possible hating to meet up with any other inquisitors or people. In this regard he has often been known to mention his ship the Kern Wahrheit as his only true home and place where he’s comfortable.

Constantine Xanthis

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