(Sub Group) Dame Ophilia

The Healing Sister of Battle


Name: Dame Ophilia

Home World: Schola Progenium

Career: Sororitas

Rank: Hospitaller

Divination: “In the darkness follow the light of Terra.”

Weapon Skill: 20

Ballistic Skill: 30

Strength: 20

Toughness: 45

Agility: 30

Intelligence: 45

Perception: 30

Willpower: 48

Fellowship: 30

Fate Points: 3

Basic Skills

Awareness (Per) +20

Charm (Fel) +10

Advanced Skills

Speak (Low Gothic) (Int) +0

Speak (High Gothic) (Int) +0

Literacy (Int) +0

Common Lore (administratum) (Int) +0

Common Lore (Ecclesiarchy) (Int) +0

Common Lore (Imperial Creed) (Int) +0

Common Lore (War) (Int) +0

Common Lore (Philosophy) (Int) +0

Common Lore (Imperial Guard) (Int) +0

Medicae (Int) +0

Trade (Apothecary) +10

Preformer (Singer) +0

Trade (Copyist) (Int) +0


Die Hard

Divine Ministration

Peer (Military)

Resistance (Cold, Heat)

Sound constitution

Nerves of Steel

Pure Faith

Weapon Training

Melee (Primitive), Pistol (Las), Basic (Las)


Schola Education

Skilled at Arms

Sheltered upbrining


Experience spent:


Dame Ophilia has been in the service of the Inquisitor Constine Xanthis for almost a dozen years now. A child of the schola Progenium Ophilia grew up with a priest by the name of Cornelius. A horrible man by many standards how he managed to rise up though the ranks of the Ecclesiarchy is a mystery to all but never the less Ophilia and a few other children were given into his care. He hardly ever trained them in the proper ways of the church of the God Emperor of Mankind and would often spend his nights getting drunk and attacking the male children or molesting the female ones. How Ophilia made it though those years under Cornelius’s care she’s never told anyone all that her associates know is that when she came of age she was then selected by the sisters of battle and joined their ranks without a moment’s hesitation.

Her life as a sister of battle was one of battle at first. After training she was sent to a few different battle fronts but often did not make a good accounting of herself. Her superiors did not know what to do with her until the plague on Valen Urr where she earn several accommodations and the respect of many in the tending of plague victims. It was during that time that the Sisters of battle decided that she should learn the ways of the Hospitaller and the skills of medicine.

After a few years of work as a Hospitaller Ophilia’s superiors started to look favorably upon her progress and began making plans for her in the upper ranks of the Sisters of battle when she left one day with the Inquisitor Constine Xanthis becoming a Sister Oblatia. A sister of battle who separates herself from her fellows in her order and becomes a pilgrim traveling and searching for a way to atone for a grievous misdeed or sin. Only those who knew her well, a small group to be counted on one hand, could fathom why. Those that do dare question why always come to the conclusion that it had to do with a private audience with the Matriarch of their sect of the order.

For the next dozen years Ophilia spent it in the service of Constine as an inquisitor acolyte.

(Sub Group) Dame Ophilia

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