(Sub Group) Wrax

The Feral World Shaman


Name: Wrax

Home World: Feral World

Career: Imperial Psyker

Past: Pain through nerve induction

Rank: Sanctionite

Divination: “The only true fear is dying with your duty not done.”

Weapon Skill: 40

Ballistic Skill: 20

Strength: 40

Toughness: 40

Agility: 30

Intelligence: 20

Perception: 45

Willpower: 40

Fellowship: 20

Fate Points: 2

Basic Skills

Awareness +0

Advanced Skills

Speak (Low Gothic) (Int) +0

Speak (Tribal Dilect) (Int) +0

Psyniscience (Per) +0

Invocation (WP) +0

Trade (Soothsayer) +0

Literacy (Int) +0


Psy rateing 1

Weapon Training

Melee (Primitive), Pistol (Las)


Iron Stomach


Rite of Passage

Wilderness Savvy

Experience spent: WP +5, Per +5, Sound Constitution X1, Awareness


(Sub Group) Wrax

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