The Regulas Incident

I'm a Doctor, Not an Acolyte

Personal Log: Shiv Atellus Entry ZE-F-AZ

This morning while I was still looking over medicae reports on my dataslate, I got a notice that the inquisitor had special orders for me. The notice didn’t say anything helpful about what would be going on or else I might have “accidentally” misplaced the notice. Once I’d read it, though, I had no choice. “Be in conference room 3 at 0600.” I knew that was close to my quarters, but with only an hour to get there and the Tenebro-Maze to deal with, I had to head out immediately.

At the meeting, there were around a dozen other people, all similarly summoned. The lucky ones looked pretty settled in by the time I got there, but a few came running through the door right under the wire. They probably didn’t need to run, Constantine himself came strolling in closer to 0700. Pretty much right away he announced that we were all his acolytes, and he seemed like he was about to go into more elaborate details when he got a message over his micro-bead. The ship had been infiltrated by cultists. Rather than sending, for example, the ship’s defense force to go take care of it, Constantine split us into groups and sent us to go take care of it.

I was assigned to a group with two guardsmen and a Tech-Priest. Soloman and Dorn are the names of the Guardsmen and Kaltos was the Tech-Priest. Spoiler alert: Kaltos was shot to death in the Geller Field room. The four of us wound our way through the maze to the Geller Field room where we saw 18 mutants enacting some sort of heretical ritual on the orb at the center of the field. We took split into two groups and entered the room through adjacent sides. The two guardsmen were one group, and the Tech was with me. The guardsmen systematically mowed their way through everything in their path while Kaltos and I struggled to incapacitate even one heretic. For a master of technology, Kaltos was using a very weak las carbine. For my part, I’m a doctor, not a fighter. I managed to keep a pair of the mutants occupied, parrying what I could and letting my xeno-mesh absorb the rest while I waited for the guys with the guns to finish up.
  • Side note: if I am going to continue being thrust into these combat situations, I should go better armed. My mono-sword is decent, but it doesn’t have the dropping power of a rifle.

Once we had killed or incapacitated all of the mutant cultists, Constantine ordered our three surviving members to investigate the source of the cultists. After dealing with some very unhelpful people in the lighter bay, we found an empty container in the cargo hold that had obviously been used to transport personnel instead of grain. We also discovered that the empty container was an extra. It had been stamped as approved. I had the clerk cordon off the container and we went to find out who had approved the container.

After getting the run around from the clerks on staff in shipping and receiving, we eventually found our way to the archives. Conveniently, there were mutants there who were in the middle of failing to delete the exact information we wanted. The group was much smaller, so we managed to defeat them all much faster than previously even though we were down a man. One of the mutants in this group was also a witch, and we were able to take him alive. If he survives interrogation, perhaps he can redeem himself slightly by having his soul burned in the beacon on Terra. The data we preserved in the archive led us to believe that a navigation officer named Bratis had been responsible for allowing the mutants safe passage onto the Kern Wahrheit.

Constantine refused to fully believe our information implicating Bratis, but he allowed us to continue our investigation provided we made an attempt at discretion. We wrote a note to Bratis that said “Bratis, your preferred grain is out of stock. Please contact us as soon as possible regarding alternate selection. X.” We had Soloman deliver it because he was the most generic looking member of our team. We then trailed Bratis through the Tenebro-Maze to the ship’s chapel. Once there, he revealed himself as a heretic and attempted to kill us all in order to prevent us from exposing him. The plan didn’t serve him well, though, because he forgot to account for Soloman who was still out in the corridor reporting in. Soloman got off a good shot with his long las that crippled Bratis in the first seconds of our battle while Dorn and I booked it to the outside of the chapel. Once there, we waited to try to take any of Bratis’s cohorts who followed us in a cross-fire. The plan didn’t really work, but the three of us managed to take out a few of them and held off the rest until the cavalry could arrive.

As I write this Dorn, Soloman, and I are waiting to be debriefed by Constantine.



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